Class VI
1st Position- Umme Habiba

2nd Position - Mohd. Kashan 
3rd Position- Mohd. Shaban Siddiqui

Results of Little Master Chef Competition ( classes nursery to 5)

Class Nursery 
1st position- Yameena Zainab
2nd position- Abid Ali
3rd position- Saiyyada Fatima

Class K.G.
1st position-Mohammad Muzammil Ansari
2nd position-Samriddhi Chaurasia
3rd position- Mohammad Shahan

Class Prep
1st position- Syed Mohammad Arham
2nd position-Masooma Kazmi
3rd position- Fatima Zia

Class I
1st position- Meezan Haider 
2nd position- Tasmiya Hasnain 
3rd position- Tayyebah Saleem

Class II
1st position- Tasmiya Fatima 
2nd position- Mariyam Zaid
3rd position- Mohd Wali

Class III
1st position- Fizza Zehra
2nd position- Mariyam Zehra
3rd position- Yahya Ansari

Class IV
1st position- Rayyan Asad
2nd position- Mohd. Ayan Idrisi
3rd position- Mysha Zaidi

Class V
1st position- Ahmed Zaim
2nd position- Saadiya Haleema
3rd position- Mohd Hamzah Khan

Yoga Competition Results 

Events 2022

Benhur High School & College‚Äč
School and Day Boarding Affiliated to CISCE

Class VIII 
1st  Position - Riya Chakravorti  
2nd Position- Insha Khan 
3rd  Position- Veer Deep Singh Arora

Events 2020

Events 2021

Class VII
1st Position- Hiba Asad
2nd Position- Arsh Siraj
3rd Position- Sidrah Shoyeb