Founder's Message - 'STAY SAFE & STRESS FREE'

Benhur High School & College​
School and Day Boarding Affiliated to CISCE

Dear Parents , Students , Teachers & Staff

We are passing through a grave Global crisis caused by the Pandemic . It's time to follow the instructions of the Medical Experts and Stay at Home safe and healthy . Connect yourself to the Almighty and pray for yourselves , your country and the planet Earth. 

I call you to pray for the Doctors , Nurses and Health Care Crew who are working day and night to save our lives with meagre safety equipments to safeguard their own lives . Keep them in your prayers .

Worry not for exams , results , promotions to the next class , admissions and fee till things come back to Normal . Stay happy and healthy .

Don't fall a prey to the fake messages forwarded to you telling about the Council Exams on Council's letter head with stamp and signature of the CEO , Mr. Gerry Arathoon . Its all fake .Keep studying and wait for the message from your Alma Mater . We will keep you updated. 

Better put off the TV at home to save yourselves from the bullshit media spreading hatred and fake news . Go for WhatsApp video chats with your family and friends and play with books at home . You have too much to read and understand .Do your fitness sessions at home . Listen to motivational Speakers , Sufi songs , Qawwalis and whatever you like . Stop negative thinking and stay Positive .

Benhur Schools , Zahida Foundation , Farooq Junoon Foundation & BFTA wish you a Soulful and Prayerful Days during the LOCKDOWN.

We will soon be back on the road to Normalcy .Your Loving
Tariq Sir

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