Benhur High School & College​
School and Day Boarding Affiliated to CISCE

Zahida is a platform for youth which calls for piousity, Godliness and care. Its main aim is to invoke and strengthen the virtues gifted by God to mankind in order to draw a golden line between God’s Creatures and human beings.

►Zahida is a community of aspiring youth working piously to bring a change in the human society by observing, understanding, analyzing and synthesizing the sorrows and joys of life. It is to help youngsters to know the objective of birth and embark on the importance and fruitfulness of service to the living beings.

►Zahida is a league of like minded youth which works for enhancing gender equality and respect. It aims at ensuring a sinless, treasonless, crimeless and selfless life full of respect, smiles and laughter.

►Zahida is a task force of adolscents striving for goodness and service to the human beings living in solitude, distress and neglect in a tension prone society.

►Zahida is a forum for teenagers whose objective is to write and debate for those segments of the society which need to be focused, to sing, dance and play with those who need rejoicement, to serve those who need it.

Five – Fold Objectives of Zahida Foundation.